The Pet Physio

Physiotherapy for your best friend.

We offer Physiotherapy services for your pet. We can help when your pet is sore from sport, play or age, or recovering from injury or surgery

About Us

Sarah Sojka is an AHPRA registered Physiotherapist and has her Masters of Veterinary Physiotherapy (through the University of Liverpool). She has always had a passion for working with animals since she was young. She originally wanted to become a veterinarian, however when her family pet lost the ability to walk and needed physiotherapy to return to walking. She saw the amazing results of physiotherapy and knew that she would love to work with animals helping them rehabilitate post injury.

Many people ask what a Physiotherapist for animals actually does or when they should see us. We recommend that your dog receives physiotherapy:

– After any joint surgery (e.g. stifle/knee, hip, elbow, shoulder etc.)

– After spinal surgery

– After your dog has injured themselves or is limping.

– If your dog has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia

– Pets as they age and start to slow down

– Sporting/agility Pets

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Currently consulting at:
– Aquapaws in Somerville

– Sea Wolf Canine Health in Ripponlea
– Home Visits in Bayside

Our Services

Rehabilitation post Surgery

Physiotherapy is so important following surgery. As humans we regularly see physiotherapist to maximise our recovery and your pet is no different.

Common surgeries that we see dogs following:
– Stifle/Knee Surgery
– Spinal Surgery
– Hip Surgery
– Elbow or shoulder surgery

Older and Arthritic Pets

Physiotherapy can be very beneficial for pets who have osteoarthritis and during their senior years. It can be difficult to see that your pet is in discomfort and as Physiotherapists we can perform a thorough assessment and provide you with a home plan to help ensure your pet remains comfortable as they age gracefully.

Sporting/ Agility Pets

Sporting dogs are similar to athletes and you would expect an athlete to see a physiotherapist regular to help monitor and prevent any injuries. Sports and agility can put a huge strain on your pet’s musculoskeletal system and it can be difficult for owner’s to see any issues as many of these dogs are eager to please. A thorough physiotherapy assessment can pick early signs of muscle tightness or weakness and we can treat these and provide you with a home exercise program to ensure they stay active for longer.